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Du hast das Ziel erreicht, Nakato Mercy!

Nakato Mercy kam 2003 im Alter von 4 Jahren gemeinsam mit ihrer Zwillingsschwester Babirye Esther zu Vision for Africa Intl. und lebte in einem unserer Kinderhäuser, bis unser Herr sie am 11. März 2015 zu sich rief.

Hier finden sich einige Gedanken und Erinnerungen ihrer Freunde.

Wir haben sie in englischer Sprache belassen, so wie sie jeweils abgefasst wurden.


Nakato Mercy was a very special girl. I was in House Hope, her home, for about three or more month as a volunteer. I remember many situations, when we needed help for tidying up, cleaning, carrying or something else – Nakato was the one who helped without arguing. Many times she noticed where help was needed by herself. With joy and endurance she gave a hand whatever it was! I was impressed about the love and care she gave for smaller children.

To me Nakato seemed very peaceful and satisfied with the things and opportunities she had. Spending time with her was really pleasant! Together we had funny, fantastic and also interesting moments full of tension!

Whenever we could manage, every weekend we tried to read the bible together. Once we prayed together that Jesus enters her heart, becoming her savior and friend. I am looking forward to see this special girl in heaven again!

Katharina Kleiner, former Volunteer


Nakato Mercy was such a precious treasure! I loved spending time with her. We had many good conversations about God and other themes but we also had a lot of fun together. :-)

So for example we did a crazy battle with her at the big football field; oh we also painted each other’s faces and we celebrated her 12th birthday together. Nakato was as cool as a cucumber and she was very profound and I loved to spend time with her more and more.

I am happy I will see her some day in heaven, because I know she is with our Big Daddy in heaven.

Tabita Kluczniok, former Volunteer


"Grace! Come push baby Moses' stroller to House Hope" Nakato called out to me in a sweet little voice as always. She kept on giving me instructions on how I should push the stroller especially when we reached a corner and asked me to be so careful not to cause an accident. She loved the younger ones (babies) in her House so much; while other kids were playing outside, Nakato sometimes remained to play with baby Moses and always carried Queenie when she was younger. This was the last time I walked with her and we talked a lot and took photos of each other with Moses.

Later Diana asked me to have devotion with them at her house; my last devotion with Nakato. I am glad Diana asked me to spend this time with her; and they let me read to them a Bible story. I was always jolly when she was with me, she loved to be carried and give surprise hugs from behind. I just loved being with her.

The last time we laughed a lot was at the swings with Mercy Nabulya, her housemate, after the bull roasting; they swung me a lot despite the fact that I had told them that I don't like it… if I knew it was the last time we laughed much, I would not have jumped off the swing, she seemed to enjoy it a lot and kept on mimicking me.

I seem not to forget her smiley face and little sweet voice calling my name; even when she was on the hospital bed, she smiled so big and called my name like she did not expect my presence that time. I still wanted to have more time with her but I know that God’s plans for us are always the best.

Romans 8:28 tells us that "all things work together for good for those who love the Lord."

Although it hurt a lot, I know Nakato my sweet little friend is in a better place now! I will see her someday. I am happy that she has no more pain like she had in our temporary home – she has seen Jesus' face. :-)

"Christ in us the Hope of glory"

Grace Laker



Committed to God and a lover of babies!

Nakato was a very good girl to me. I was surprised to see a very young girl like her so committed to her God. She read the Bible every day. She loved children so much to an extent of not going for games but carrying babies.

May her soul rest in peace!


Mama Fortunate, House Hope


Nakato Mercy, God's Blessing to Us!

Many times we ask God for blessings and sometimes we fail to realize that they are in the people around us. Very young but jovial, our Nakato was a true fighter in many different situations – very determined, kind and friendly.

Sometimes I felt embarrassed when most children in the children homes thought that the only person I was interested in was Nakato Mercy. She reached out to me and stuck close by as a true friend and this was true at all times, even when she fell sick.

Every evening after school she would stop by my office to greet me and wanted to read a book or write a small note for me. A hug was always expected when you meet her and before she walks away. She enjoyed playing "tip" and would run after me so that she doesn’t spend the night with it.

And now she will play "tip" with our Lord Jesus Christ!

Until we meet, my dear friend!

Diana Egessa, Children ministry


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